What is Noble's Land?

Noble's Land is a 2D MMORPG (Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Live in a world of consequences. Loot or be looted with always-on PVP. Explore the world by foot, horse, train, or boat. Buy a house in a city or build your own in the wilderness. Plant, tend, and harvest fields of crops. Cook food to support local taverns,or to supply players setting out for adventure. Travel the world in search of rare fish. Grow your guild from a few friends into an army with their own castle. In Noble's Land the players run the world.

Inspired by classic online games, Noble's Land takes a retro approach for its art style. Designed to give an old school feel with current technology, Noble's Land takes players back to the golden age of persistent online gaming. Where one decision could end in massive losses, or massive rewards.

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