Sorry for the Website Downtime

Sorry again, the website was down since Saturday. My girlfriend Brigid, who takes care of our financials, has been in the hospital ICU for the last two days. I’ve been there with her and we didn’t pay attention to the notifications to pay the bill. Due to some past issues with other sites she refuses to save credit card data on the account so it won’t auto renew. Being an indie MMO project, any time the website goes down people think the project is dead so it kills me when it happens. It’s been taken care of and will come back online soon. If you’re reading this it has already been fixed.


As for some new Noble’s Land news, it is coming. I just received a huge batch of new artwork from Harvest and I’ll be doing a Dev Blog post, like last time, to show it off. Every time I give a date to expect it I more then likely miss it. This time I’m just going to say that as soon as I can, I will.

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  1. Big Boss says:

    Stay cool, we love your work !

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    Hedge says:

    Sweet dude excited 2 see what you bros got n glad 2 c this breathing.

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