Always On PVP

Characters can attack or be attacked by others at anytime. Cities and populated areas provide guards to keep areas safe, while traveling in the wild leaves you defenseless. Characters are encouraged to join guilds to gain protection and back-up in the event they are attacked. Once a character is killed they drop their currently equipped backpack, any items inside it, and a piece of their equipped gear. There is a period of time where characters can return to fight for their belongings.

Skill and Possession Progression

All actions are governed by skills. Every time you use one of these skills experience is earned. The higher a skill is the more effective it becomes. Equipment carry base stats that affect a players health, damage, and defense. The better the gear you have equipped and the more experienced you are, the stronger you become. An experienced character with weak gear will always be stronger then an inexperienced character in expensive, rare gear.

Day and Night System

Noble's Land has a full 24-hour day and night cycle. At night the sun will go down and the world becomes dark. During this time players must create their own light if they wish to see more then a few feet in front of them. Creature spawns also change depending on the time of day. One area might be occupied by squirrels during the day and spiders at night.

Sailing and Mounted Travel

Once acquired, characters can travel the world using Mounts. Use land mounts like horses, wolves, or even pigs to travel the world faster then those on foot. Use water mounts like rafts, boats, or even dolphins to travel from island to island to explore the world. Players can engage in naval PVP combat with ship-to-ship battles. Mounts are craftable, equipable, and tradeable items.


Attacking others unprovoked, killing known criminals, or even giving spare gold to beggars affect a characters alignment. This can limit which NPCs and locations are available at the time. A known criminal might be able to enter secret hideouts whereas more noble characters might gain access to more guarded areas of a city. Commit too many crimes and be arrested on sight. Once arrested, characters will face trial for their crimes and be sentences to jail.

Housing and Property Ownership

Characters have the option to either rent property in cities or build their own on lots of land around the world. Rentable houses can be small one bedroom apartments, multi-room houses with fenced in land, or even guild halls and mansions. Rent a lot of land to design your property tile-by-tile. Characters can give various permissions to others to move or place furniture and objects, allowing friends to design and build together.