Sorry for the Website Downtime

Sorry again, the website was down since Saturday. My girlfriend Brigid, who takes care of our financials, has been in the hospital ICU for the last two days. I’ve been there with her and we didn’t pay attention to the notifications to pay the bill. Due to some past issues with other sites she refuses to save credit card data on the account so it won’t auto renew. Being an indie MMO project, any time the website goes down people think the project is dead so it kills me when it happens. It’s been taken care of and will come back online soon. If you’re reading this it has already been fixed.


As for some new Noble’s Land news, it is coming. I just received a huge batch of new artwork from Harvest and I’ll be doing a Dev Blog post, like last time, to show it off. Every time I give a date to expect it I more then likely miss it. This time I’m just going to say that as soon as I can, I will.

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Noble’s Land Alpha 0.6 now LIVE!

After almost a year of development, and an additional week of failed attempts, Noble’s Land Alpha 0.6 is now LIVE! Head on over to the Download page to get started. Keep in mind, your website account is different from your in-game account, every new player needs to Create An Account  in-game on the main menu. Please post any bugs, exploits, glitches, spellings mistakes, etc… you find on the Forums.

While in game press F1 for a help menu. Good luck and safe travels.

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Alpha 0.6 Starts Next Week!

After many months of work I’m happy to announce that the Noble’s Land Alpha 0.6 test will begin next week, on Monday December 22, 2014. Although the game is DEFINITELY in an early state, I feel letting players into the world will only be beneficial over time. Beginning Monday, anyone can download Noble’s Land and play for free. There is no planned stop date for the test, I’ll keep it going as long as I can. For now, I won’t be able to host a 24/7 server, simply because I lack a second PC to dedicate to the cause. Until enough donations come in to build a proper server I’ll be putting the server up in waves. I’ll try me best to leave it up as long as I can, but the longer it’s up the less I can work.

Once the test kicks off my first task will be fixing any immediate bugs players report to make sure everything is stable and playable. After that, I’ll start working on new features and content. Patches will happen, on what I assume will be, a regular basis. You’ll have to keep in mind that because of the early state of the game, you will be testing first and foremost. There is always the chance there is catastrophic failure, progress might not be saved, the economy could go to hell, the whole nine yards. Again, I’ll do what I can to keep things happy and smooth but continued development will remain my main focus.

Over the next week I’ll be doing some small promotion work to get people excited. There will be a few Dev Blogs detailing the main features currently in-game, a wiki style site with help and information, and a play testing stream where you can get a sneak peak of what’s coming.

I can’t wait to see how this goes. I’m both excited and scared. I look forward to seeing you in-game.

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New Website is now Live!

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When I started my new job I was introduced to a lot of modern, and in my opinion necessary, website building tools. Now that I’ve had time to work with them I felt like it was time to bring into the modern age. With the help of Twitter Bootstrap, LESS, Humanmade CMB, and WordPress CPTs, the new homepage is live.

Besides a new appearance, the most important new feature is full support for multiple devices, from large displays down to smart phones. Test it out yourself, grab a corner of your web browser and shrink/grow your window size to see it in action. Instead of having a unique template for different devices, using CSS Media Queries and Bootstrap 3, the template will now dynamically adjust to fit any devices view port.

The website is the most important tool in grabbing the attention of new users and I’ve tried to make the new site much more attractive. My favorite addition is the visual representations on the Features page. Each feature now has an image associated with it to demonstrate itself. The new media section uses Custom Post Types that will auto populate into every page dynamically instead of having to hard code it into the design. I’ve done everything I can to streamline the process when it comes to adding content into the site. Adding new videos and screenshots will be just as easy on this site as it is on Facebook or Twitter. The “The Latest…” box on the homepage will change to either News or Developer Blog depending on which category has the latest post. The “Latest Video” area will also update as I add new videos to YouTube. This way, by displaying the latest content and with the new user menu, the homepage is now a great landing page for the website. If you navigate to the homepage you can easily see the latest media and news, if there are forum posts to be read, or if you have private messages.

For registered users, you’ll notice the new toolbar on the left of the menu. The icons will both turn red and bounce if there is new content for you to check out. The first will alert you if there is new posts on the forum you haven’t read, the second will alert you if you have a new PM. The gear will take you to your profile page where you can customize your avatar.

There may be some issues that need to be ironed out, if you see anything out of place please leave me a comment so I can fix it up. Please, don’t mention the support page, I haven’t taken the time to wire it yet.

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Alpha 0.5 Content Patch LIVE

Tonight’s content patch for Noble’s Land Alpha 0.5 is now LIVE. When you run your launcher you will automatically update to the latest version. If your experiencing issues with the launcher please return to the download page and re-download the package. Here is a list of changes in this patch:

  • Decreased drop rate for iron equipment
  • Constitution now gives 3HP per point instead of 1HP
  • Strength now gives 1 extra point of damage for every 2 points
  • Level Ups give 3HP instead of 7HP
  • Added Gold Vein Isle
  • Wearing a full iron set will set your respawn point on Gold Vein Isle
  • Added Gold Exiled which drop Gold set
  • Added Azurite Exiled which drop Azurite set
  • Santa Imposters now drop Santa set
  • Invisible creature bug should now be fixed
  • Combatlog displays correctly for PVP combat
  • Subclass transformations now require both gauntlets and boots
  • When two people pick up an item at the same time it should not get stuck on screen
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Alpha 0.5 Relaunch Now LIVE

The Noble’s Land Alpha 0.5 relaunch test is now LIVE. Head over to the Download page and grab the latest version of the client. See you in-game!

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Alpha 0.5 Now LIVE!

Noble’s Land Alpha 0.5 is now LIVE! Head over to the Download page to grab the client/launcher. No need to register or apply, just sign up for an account in game.

Please provide any feedback you have, or report any bugs you find, on the forums. Here is the full changelog since Alpha 0.4:

  • Changelog
  • - Moved equipped item location, now centered correctly in their slots
  • - now uses the desktop resolution in fullscreen, one lower in windowed
  • - added sound effect for picking an item up
  • - added sound effect for equipping an item
  • - added sound effects and grunts when you receive damage
  • - added sound effects and grunts when you attack other humans
  • - swapped buttons on the main menu so return is on the left, activate is on the right
  • - attack time counter goes up while in-range instead of all the time
  • - attack speed and damage min-max now taken from weapon
  • - health points are a base of 50 plus hit point value from armor
  • - equipment have first draft stats
  • - when unequipping an item it will remember its previous backpack location, instead of everything stacking in the top-left corner.
  • - re-equipping starting gear makes you go invisible, lol
  • - Beginning of lighting system
  • - moved target arrow from sheet_characters to sheet_effects
  • - 24 hour clock. One game hour = one real world minute.
  • - player emits 5-tile radius of ambient light
  • - changed target request limiting to prevent untargetable players and creatures bug
  • - added custom chunks
  • - added new wall pieces and indoor accents
  • - added creatures, creature wandering
  • - added passive creature ai, wont attack until provoked
  • - added creature attacking, creatures hit their targets when next to them
  • - pixel perfect item interaction, much click visible parts of items to use them
  • - added aggressive AI with variable range
  • - fixed bug with lighting, updates once when needed
  • - fixed bug with clearing players and creatures from the screen when you die
  • - added item drops for creatures support for the resource editor
  • - can now scroll through available world chunks in the world editor
  • - added “add new” and “duplicate” options to the world chunk editor
  • - journal opens to menu with esc, character info with c, and skills with f
  • - added new world chunks
  • - early creatures drop iron armor
  • - lighting uses a lightMap instead of unique iteration, lighting has virtually no performance impact
  • - client and world editor use regions
  • - when entering a different region, it’s name displays centered on the screen
  • - changes from day to night from 7pm to 8pm, changes from night to day from 6am to 7am
  • - day and night creatures rotate at 7:30pm and 6:30am
  • - added /time command to show current world time in the chat area
  • - creatures respawn 30 seconds after being killed, no longer deleted and recreated, instead hidden until respawned
  • - music changes when entering different regions
  • - added 3 new songs: city_1, forest_1, ambient_1
  • - characters use “idle” stance when standing inside safe zones, and “attack stance” when they are not
  • - Combat log now displays in the top/left of the World View
  • - players attacks are in green
  • - things damaging the player are in red
  • - creatures have different attack verbs to describe their attack in the combat log
  • - pressing ESC clears current target
  • - character page in journal
  • - levels
  • - experience
  • - attributes
  • - can spend points to raise attributes
  • - all new stats and values for everything
  • - new humanoid spawns to drop sets
  • - seasonal content with cookie drops, yum.
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Alpha 0.5 Testing Going LIVE December 27th


A week from tonight, Friday December 27th, Noble’s Land Alpha 0.5 testing will be going LIVE. This is an open test, no need to register or apply, just download and play. The server will now be hosted through AWS meaning the test will stay up as long as people want to play it.

Some of the new features since the Alpha 0.4 test are:

  • Creature Spawns with item drops and multiple AI personalities
  • 24-hour time system with day and night cycles
  • Tile based lighting system
  • Character progression through levels, attributes, and skills
  • Combat log
  • Region system with changing music
  • Safe Zones to prevent PVP combat
  • Full Primary equipment set
  • Custom Chunks with cities and points of interest
  • Multiple full equipment sets with Subclass transformations
  • New sound effects, creatures, and item drops

The full change log will be posting just prior to the test. During the test, I will also be live streaming through and hosting a live mic chat if players want to join in and talk with me while we try it out. Keep in mind, this is an alpha release. There will be bugs, there will be balancing issues, and all character progression and items will be erased afterwords. This is purely to demonstrate, get feedback from users, and stress test the server.

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Alpha 0.4 Now LIVE!

Noble’s Land Alpha 0.4 will be LIVE for the rest of the weekend. To participate in this test simply download the game from the Downloads section on Please provide any feedback you can, it helps.


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Alpha 0.4 Testing Going LIVE September 13th

Noble’s Land Alpha 0.4 testing will be going live Friday, September 13th. Testing will take place throughout the weekend and will be ending Sunday, September 15th. This will be an open test, simply download the installer from the downloads page here on This test will be for the Windows client only, Mac and Linux clients are being halted until the end of the alpha phase to increase production speed.

During the weeks until then I will be posting detailed information on all of the features you will be testing, along with videos and pictures to get everyone excited. This also means there will be new content for the Video Update series on YouTube, so being asked to “click subscribe” can be expected when that takes place. The first of these postings will focus on the currently unannounced Journal System, which will play a much larger role then the name implies

To get the excitement started, here is a comparison between screenshots of the previous version, Alpha 0.3, and the current version, Alpha 0.4. The most notable changes in Alpha 0.4′s screenshot is the more vibrant colors of the GUI, a better matching pixel font, and an overhaul on the player’s character display in the top/right.


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